Q. I would like to cancel my order.
As a general rule, we cannot cancel the product after we send you an order completion email.

Q. I would like to exchange products.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges of products other than initial defects.
Please note.

Q. I would like to change the payment method.
You cannot change the payment method after the payment is completed.

Q. Can you combine multiple orders into one?
Once completed, the order cannot be changed.

Q. When will the delivery date be when multiple items are purchased at the same time?
It will be delivered in a lump sum according to the item with the latest shipping date. Please note that if the ordered (reserved) product is included, it may be delivered several months in advance.

Q. Is it possible to specify the date and time for delivery?
It does not correspond to the specification of the delivery date and time.

Q. When will the ordered items arrive?
It will be delivered within 7 days after receiving your order (excluding ordered products and year-end and New Year holidays).

Q. I haven't received the order completion email.
After completing your order, depending on your email settings, you may not receive the order completion email (automatically sent) due to rejection or entry into the junk email folder.
If you do not receive the order completion email, please check your junk email folder and email reception settings, and try receiving the designated email at "@ pochimart.com". Also, depending on your environment, it may have arrived in the junk mail folder, so please check it.

Q. What should I do if I don't know the delivery phone number?
Entering a phone number is a required item on this site. Therefore, if you do not know the phone number, please register "00-0000-0000".

Q. Can I order from my mobile phone?
We do not have a site dedicated to mobile phones (future phones).

Q. Can you deliver to overseas?
Delivery is only within Japan.

Q. Is it possible to change the delivery address when using Amazon Pay?
It is not possible due to restrictions. Only the delivery address registered in your Amazon account can be set.

Q. I can't find the member registration page. <br> Click the person-shaped icon at the top right of this site and click "Click here to register as a new member". Also from here

Q. Can you issue a receipt?
Please use the inquiry form on this shop page .
At that time, please fill in (1) order number, (2) telephone number, (3) receipt address, and (4) proviso.
Please note that we cannot issue a receipt before the ordered product has been shipped.

Q. I ordered a made-to-order product by credit card, but why do I get billed before the product arrives?
At our shop, we process invoices when shipping products, but for made-to-order products, it takes time from order completion to production and shipping, so there is also a relationship with the timing of payment with your credit card etc. We will process your bill before shipping the item at our shop. In addition, if product shipment is delayed due to transportation disruptions due to bad weather, long vacations at affiliated delivery warehouses (year-end and New Year holidays, during Golden Week, etc.), payment may be requested before product shipment. I have. Please note.

Q. Is my credit card information stored on the site?
Please be assured that credit card information is not saved at this shop. It also meets PCI DSS Level 1 global security standards to ensure the secure handling of your credit card information.

Q. The site is not displayed correctly. Doesn't it respond when I press the button?
* If you are using Internet Explorer, you may not be able to use some functions or display problems. Please use the following browsers.
・ Microsoft Edge
・ Google Chrome
・ Mozilla Firefox
・ Apple Safari
・ Opera
・ Apple Safari for iOS
・ Google Chrome for Android

Q. I would like to make an inquiry.
Please use the inquiry form on this shop page.
In addition, although we accept emails 24 hours a day,
Please note that we will reply from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays) from 10:00 to 17:00.