【Tシャツ】ジャイアンツ エウ゛ァリアル

キャラクター: Sサイズ
Sale price¥2,800


Collaboration goods of Evangelion and Giants! It is a realistic design of the first machine that invades the stadium!
You can use it as a casual wear or as a Giants support T-shirt!

<About this product>
S size Length 66 cm, Width 49 cm, Shoulder width 44 cm, Sleeve length 19 cm
M size Length 70 cm, Width 52 cm, Shoulder width 47 cm, Sleeve length 20 cm
L size Length 74 cm, Width 55 cm, Shoulder width 50 cm, Sleeve length 22 cm
XL size Length 78 cm, Width 58 cm, Shoulder width 53 cm, Sleeve length 24 cm

Material 100% cotton

Country of origin China, Vietnam